Dealing with tantrums

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As I have written before, I am learning about parent strategies to use with toddlers.

It’s not easy to put them in place as they take their time to settle in, with us and with our toddlers.
However, when they do, it is amazing!

I have tried to use these strategies with my two year old girl and I particularly like the one where I am her spokesperson.
Whenever she is upset I try to say what (I think) she is feeling. In a way that catches her attention, usually as if I were a sportscaster.
This usually works to break her tantrums or fits half way. Usually.
And when I get her attention I can try to talk to her and get a compromise between what she wants and what I am willing to concede.

One thing that she hates is to go to the doctor. 
One of the last times we went to the emergency room she was crying and crying and I could not listen to what the doctor was saying. 
I simply ignored the doctor, who was not very happy about it, and started to use this technique with her. 
She soon calmed down and I managed to compromise with her that if she let the doctor talk we would go home afterwards. 
To the doctor’s surprise she did not cry again and he could say what he had to say without being interrupted. 
We did not leave right after the doctor left the room as we had to wait for the medical prescriptions, however, it was much easier this time to convince her to wait a bit longer as the doctor was no longer in the room.

After this I was totally convinced about the advantage of this technique.

Of course that in some situations this does not work and we have to use other techniques.
But when it does work it is wonderful!

Have a nice week!

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