She looks back at her Ma’s house one last time.
Her Ma won´t be happy once she finds out she’s gone, and even less when she finds out where she has gone to. But there will be nothing Ma will be able to do about it. In the morning she will be far away, and Ma won’t be able to send someone after them before she gets on the ship.
She runs down the hill, as fast as the moon light allows her. She knows this trail ever since she was a little girl but she doesn’t want to be reckless and end up falling, not tonight, when all her life it’s about to change.
He is waiting for her in the crossroad, as he promised he would be, holding a horse and a mule by their reins. Both mounts saddled to be ridden and with forges pending on both sides with what they will need for their journey. She brings nothing but the clothes on her body.
He greets her with a kiss and helps her up. There’s no time to be wasted.
They ride in silence for most part of their journey toward the coast. She sees him looking at her occasionally and she smiles at him hardly able to conceal her excitement. Fortunately the night is concealing the pink color on her cheeks.
This is the beginning of their life together… if they are able to face his Da and get his approval.

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