A to Z Challenge 2022 Road Trip

Yesterday started the 2022 A to Z challenge Road Trip.

The one thing I really sucked at during this challenge was to visit other blogs.
Even returning visits was sometimes difficult to manage.

So I am thankful for this road trip and for having available the challenge Master list.

My plan is to visit 20 blogs a month… probably I am being very optimistic about this number…

Hopefully I’ll be able to at least return the visits I had during this challenge and keep up with some of the blogs in that Master list.

My main goal is to get to know as many blogs as possible, and as I haven’t been blogging for long, to learn from others as much as possible too!

I am also expecting to find other interesting topics to enrich my knowledge. I am a curious person by nature, so I will enjoy this road trip for sure!

Have a nice week!

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