Welcome to Back to Simplicity!

About Me

I’m Monica Hawthorn, a wife and a mother of two, which, combined with a full day job, can sometimes make my life feel like a rollercoaster!

I love to read. However, I’ve almost put it aside ever since I became a mother. Until recently.

In the last couple of years I’ve tried to learn ways to improve my life.
Which brings us to my blog!

My blog

I’ve started this blog hoping it would help me find my purpose in life by going back to the simple things I have enjoyed as a child. Hence the name ‘Back to Simplicity’!

After a while, I ran out of ideas on what to write, until I decided to write about what I am learning in my journey of self-improvement!

At first it was just for me, almost as a journal where I could easily revisit what I had learned. Over time, I thought this information could be useful for others too. Then I discovered my passion for writing and started learning about it. Now, I share as much as possible from what I am learning (about self-improvement and writing) in the simplest way possible.


I don’t want you to get bored!
I will share pieces of flash fiction (various genders) that may, or may not, be interconnected. That will be for you to find out!

I also want to share my experience writing a book and I want to write about whatever comes to my mind.
If you have any suggestion to make, just hit the button below!

Hope you enjoy it!

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